Kachina Doll Collection

Hopi & Zuni Kachina Dolls
(sometimes called Katsina or Katchina) dolls from master Hopi and Zuni Indian carvers

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Kachinas are religious men dressed as (and who become) supernatural entities.

Kachinas are called upon for many reasons... to bring good crops, rites of passage, and more.

Kachinas are an integral part of Hopi and Zuni life.

Authentic Kachina carvings (or dolls) will always be carved from Cottonwood root.

Kachina carvings are accurate representations of ceremonial Kachinas and are kept in the homes of religious Hopi and Zuni families. 


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Older style Kachinas carvings,  seen to the right, are usually adorned with fur, turquoise, feathers, leather, and more.

Kachinas seen offered for sale here are rooted in those same religious icons but are carved as art objects... as heartfelt expressions of Hopi & Zuni life and beliefs.

In general, the finest artists bring their Kachinas to life by catching them in motion... perfectly balanced figures caught in action, the more action the better.


Skilled carvers make their Kachinas from just 1 piece of cottonwood root.

However, even the finest carvings will have some adornments carved separately and then placed on the Kachina.

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