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Hopi and Zuni Kachina

All our Hopi and Zuni Kachina Dolls are made of dried Cottonwood Tree Root (the only acceptable wood for true Kachina carvings) and all are hand carved by respected carvers.

Our collection includes Kachinas carved by Hopi and Zuni carvers.  Men who are spiritually connected to the Kachinas they carve and participate in the ceremonies they depict.

Many of these Kachina or Katsina figures are rarely seen in public.  Cameras, even drawing, is forbidden on the reservations.

These carvings are powerful, accurate representations of sacred
spirits that date back hundreds of years. 

All the Kachina dolls seen here at Sedonawolf are carved from naturally dried cottonwood root.  Cottonwood root is the only material used by Hopi and Zuni people to carve Kachinas.

The information we publish is from a variety of sources including the carvers themselves,
reference books on the subject, and our own research.

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Miniature Zuni Kachinas

Zuni Corn Maiden Kachinas

Blessings - Prosperity to You and Yours

Zuni Corn Maiden Kachinas

Alan Lewis

Left - 8" tall - $175
Center - 15 1/2" - $310
 Right - 7 3/4" - $175


Warren Kewanwytewa, is the son of famed Hopi carver
 Jimmy Kewanwytewa who is seen below in a 1950 photo
 with Frances and Janice Quotskuyva.

Jimmy spent much time at the Museum of Northern Arizona
where he helped Prof. Harold S. Colton (Professor Emeritus at
 the Univ. of Pennsylvania and Director Emeritus of the Museum
 of Northern Arizona) document Hopi Kachinas.

In Prof. Colton's 1949 book,  Jimmy is seen demonstrating
 how kachinas are carved.

Hopi Hemis Kachina

Warren Kewanwytewa 13" tall






Hopi Butterfly Maiden Kachina

Wilmer Kaye

16" tall



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